Waste Metal (Pig Iron)

Waste Metal (Pig Iron) Supplier

Product Code: PDBAB_154776831

High-quality steel and iron manufacturers and suppliers prefer waste material (pig iron) for its properties like being very brittle as it is a by-product of the smelting process of iron ore. This metal can be easily molded, scrapped or used in the various processes of iron and steel making units. Among the leading pig iron scrap suppliers from Kolkata, India, we are providing this product in the markets of Delhi, Mumbai, & Punjab. We are also a Waste Metal (Pig Iron) exporter as we deal in the markets of America, Europe and others. The product is available in different grades such as semi foundry, foundry, and nodular. It has several applications, including in the production of steel, particularly in electric arcs. It may also serve as the primary component of cupola furnaces, gray iron castings, and others.

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