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Product Code: PDBAB_374654413

We offer DI Scrap, which facilitates richness of resources as well as prevention of environment & useful to many industries. It prevents poisonous overflows, environmental hazards, groundwater pollution, habitat devastation and cranky geological states. The range includes different types of scraps such as DI pipe scraps, DI casted pipes scraps, runner scraps, DI full length pipe scraps and others. These types of scraps are supplied in various parts of India like Kolkata, Delhi, Assam, & Mumbai, and exported to the markets of Asia, Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe. Rated as the best metal scrap supplier, & exporter, we offer DI scrap with 99.99% purity and in good condition. To know about the ductile iron scrap price and value, send us an inquiry.

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