Ferro Alloys

Ferro Alloy

Product Code: PDBAB_938211582

The best grade of ferro alloys are available here from Apocalypse Steel and Power Limited. We are a Kolkata, India based ferro alloys manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. The term "ferro alloy" is for a variety of iron alloys that find use in making mild steel, carbon steel, special alloy steel, and stainless steel. In this process, the charges of nonferrous metal ore, iron ore, coke or coal, and flux are treated at a high temperature in submerged-arc electric furnaces. For this, we mainly use manganese ore, fluxes like dolomite & quartz as the base materials. Extensively used in steel plants, foundry and other fields, Ferro Alloy increases elasticity, magnetic permeability and strength of steel. The key features of the product are standard processing method, and long shelf life. Delivered in Assam, Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab apart from America & Asia, this ferroalloy has 75% pure content.

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Ferro Boron

Product Code: PDBAB_541562970

Rated among the top Ferro Boron manufacturers & suppliers in Kolkata, India, Apocalypse Steel and Power Limited is providing this product in the lump form/shape. It is made up of boron and iron, wherein boron is present in the range of 17.5% to 20%. We provide the ferro boron lump in the range of 1 mm to 15 mm to the markets of Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and many Asian countries, as we are working as an exporter as well. This ferroalloy may significantly raise the finished alloy's magnetic susceptibility, which ensures that it becomes appropriate for manufacturing Nd-Fe-B magnets. One more advantage of ferroboron (grade 18-20%) is that it can significantly improve the finished alloy's capacity for deep quenching. The other uses of this product are to increase the C-Mn and low alloy steels' capacity to harden. It is also used while producing sheet steel for automobiles.

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Ferro Silicon

Product Code: PDBAB_625244199

Apocalypse Steel and Power Limited offers pure silicon which is one of the most exported products due to it being a never ending earthy resource. We are working as a supplier, exporter from Kolkata, India and are catering to the needs of Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and other Indian states apart from the Asian countries. Pure silicon is used as a strong semiconductor in various industries. It is known to have many chemical and physical similarities to the diamond form of carbon. It is a hard and dark gray solid product, whose main attribute is its metallic luster. Apart from this our offered pure silicone has an octahedral crystalline structure. We have the ability to supply 25 ton of silicon in the lump form or shape.

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Ferro Manganese

Product Code: PDBAB_414173042

The avant-garde Ferro manganese is offered by us in the Indian and International markets. We are a Kolkata based supplier, dealer and exporter of high carbon Ferro manganese, however, we can also provide its low carbon and medium carbon types. It is one of the common types of ferro alloys, which is used by combining MnO2 and Fe2O3, with the application of carbon (coke/coal). Hence, it has a higher content of manganese, which is nearly 80% by weight. A blast furnace or a submerged arc furnace is used to make this product. During the process, the oxides are passed through the process of carbothermal reduction in the furnaces. This produces ferromanganese which finds use as a deoxidizer for steel. We also export this product to America, South Europe, etc.

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