Drying & Firing - Waste Heat Drier & Tunnel Kiln

Drying & Firing - Waste Heat Drier & Tunnel Kiln


Drying & Firing - Waste Heat Drier & Tunnel Kiln is used for brick production and needs 380V voltage. This kiln is known to deliver a high production rate, apart from having an automatic and digital system. Some of the key features of this drying and firing kiln are large heat utilization space, fuel efficient mechanism, adjustable temperature and simple operating method. Drying & Firing - Waste Heat Drier & Tunnel Kiln need less physical labor to run along with requiring a little maintenance. For large volume manufacturing, it also has reduced investment costs per piece in terms of energy and machinery. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of this kiln and provide it in the markets of Kolkata, Howrah, Delhi, Assam, Mumbai, India, Middle East, Asha, South America, and Europe.

Product Details:

Product Properties

Large heat utilization space 

Energy-efficient technology

Temperature control


 Large heat utilization space 
 Fuel efficient mechanism
 Adjustable temperature
 Easy operating method

Product Benefits

Boost Dryer Performance With a polymer air preheater or economiser, it is possible to increase the dryer efficiency by up to 20%.
Less Emissions of CO2 Gas Dryer will emit 1% less CO2 for every 1% increase in efficiency.
Less Gasoline Cost The recovered excess waste is used to warm processed water or the air entering the dryer

Industries or Application Areas


  • Chemicals
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Ceramics

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