60 Percent Alumina Bricks

60 Percent Alumina Bricks


Apocalypse Steel And Power Limited is a Kolkata based supplier of high quality 60 Percent Alumina Bricks to clients for corrosion free service. The bricks have a higher capacity to resist heat and any other chemical erosion. Our alumina bricks are known for bringing strength, thermal stability and slag withstanding capacity to the furnace or wherever they are used. Clients residing in the markets of the Middle East, Asia, South America, Europe and India demand Apocalypse 60 Percent Alumina Bricks for application in cement lime industry in shaft kiln, lime rotary kiln, and pre-burning zone. We produce High Alumina Bricks 60% AL2O3 by using two elements that are Bauxite and Clay Grog. These bricks have excellent abrasion resistance along with higher refractoriness. Their R.U.L. (Refractoriness Under Load) is 1420 °C, whereas A.P. (Apparent Porosity) is 23%. Apart from this, the 60% Alumina Bricks have 2.50 g/cc as their Bulk Density (BD) and 400 Kg/cm2 as the Cold Crushing Strength (CCS

Product Details:

Properties :

 Chemical erosion resistant
  Thermal stability
  Slag resistance
  High temperture resistant

Specifications of 60 Percent Alumina Bricks

Aluminum Oxide, AL2O3 60%
Area Of Usage Preburning zone, Trans zone, Lime rotary kiln, Shaft Kiln
BD 2.50 gm/cc
C.C.S. 400 Kg/Cm2
Condition New
Density 2.05-2.75 g/cm3
Ferric Oxide, FE2O3 3.00%
Material Alumina
Quality HA 60-30
R.U.L 1420 °C
Raw Material Base Bauxite, Clay Grog
Resistance Durability Fire Resistant, Heat Resistant
Shape Rectangular
Special Feature High refractoriness, Abrasion resistant
User Industry Cement Lime


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